When it comes to car tops and pits, we take the same approach as we do for the motor rooms. By degreasing the top of a car and removing all the garbage, we have just made that car top 50% safer. The other 50% is making sure the light fixtures work and have cages on them and to make sure the door controller is free from dirt, garbage and grease or oil. All that with a little bit of maintenance from the mechanic and you have a fully functional and 100% safe car top.


Services & Applications

  • Complete garbage and debris removal
  • Degrease and wipe down entire car top.
  • Paint cartop with safety colors
  • Outside of cab door is degreased, door track and sill are scraped and degreased clean from all garbage and keeps track clear door guides.
  • Underside of car is vacuumed and wiped clean from all dust, cobwebs, and debris.
  • Install new fan, air scrubber or air purification system