In 2008, formerly Casper Enterprises, now Vertical Environmental Solutions, a property, and facility maintenance company, branched out and created an elevator and escalator cleaning division with a mission like no other. We understood that housekeeping is particularly important, but there were never any successful systems or services in place. Since then, it has been our passion and desire to bring all the solutions, products and methods needed to maintain the cleanliness of your Vertical Transportation needs.

Our customers, some of the biggest in the industry, rely on our knowledge, experience, and expertise to fulfill their goals and needs.



Our staff is an extremely safety oriented and training hungry team. From New York to Miami, our team leaders and professionals get the same training across the board. We take our safety seriously. That is why we are teamed up with all the major elevator companies and go through rigorous training provided by their standards. Weekly toolbox talks,pod training, OSHA training, monthly hands on training, both in classand on the job are just the beginning of where we stand with the safety guidelines of our industry. We adhere to the National Elevator Safety Program through the NAEC and NEIEP.

We are also members of Local One IUEC, who are the most progressively skilled, best-trained and safest working mechanics and apprentices in the industry. This is due to the outstanding and comprehensive training they receive through the National Elevator Industry Education Program (NEIEP). This training gives us confidence in our skills, pride in our work and strength in our union.

Our Local Union is one of 76 Local Unions that make up the International Union of Elevator Constructors. The International Union represents over 25,000 members in the United States and Canada.



Let’s face it, cleaning has always been put to the side. Why is that? It is the classic do not fix it if it’s not broken mentality. All too often cleaning becomes a costlier expense when it causes shutdowns. Extra man power, or not enough, overtime rates, cost of repairs after the fact and an overwhelming headache of an expensive experience.

We developed a cost efficient and effective system that allows a planned preventative maintenance to be part of your buildings schedule.

We now offer dedicated teams to your company daily for a flat labor rate and cost of materials, this can save you a lot of money in the long run and give you more bang for your buck!


Quality Control

Our QCM’s (Quality Control Managers) inspect every service being performed, and if anything needs to be addressed, our teams are contacted for additional or reactive service, ensuring customer satisfaction. Our account managers are readily available for customers in need of emergency services prior to upper management or client visits.

Every property is tended to not only by our skilled service technicians, but also by the account management team, and by our Vertical Environmental Solutions quality control representatives. Vertical Environmental Solutions has a commitment to property satisfaction, and guarantees every site to be visit ready with every service completion.