Since 2009, Vertical Environmental Solutions (Formerly Casper Enterprises) has been dedicated to extending the life of your building assets and providing an exceptional experience for you and your customers. We are a full service corporation providing facility maintenance, janitorial, construction and ancillary maintenance services to customers in a range of different industries and property types.

With nationwide experience from countless properties and industries, we are the go-to company for property owners looking for dependable, professional and cost-effective services. Highly skilled in multiple facets of property services, we strive to make facility maintenance and property upkeep as straightforward as possible.

VES, Inc. carefully engineers maintenance programs that are tailored to each client’s specific needs. VES, Inc. clients quickly discover that our maintenance programs and maintenance systems are “a cut above” our competition with a pinpoint focus on extending the life of your property’s assets. This focus allows VES, Inc. to maintain the highest level of quality for each new project.

Via experience and our diverse client-base, Vertical Environmental
Solutions Inc. has developed and mastered best practices that will save you money. All of our work is performed in-house by experienced VES Inc. trained employees. All Vertical Environmental Solutions employees have all the necessary certifications and are experts in their respective fields. Every manager and employee at Vertical Environmental Solutions Inc. is cross-trained in multiple fields related to property maintenance and construction. This wide-ranging experience coupled with our proactive approach to service allows us to identify and address issues our competition may fail to recognize. Vertical Environmental Solutions Inc. stands ready to provide your property with the white-glove service it deserves and looks forward to being your ideal operational partner.