In 2008, President and CEO Christopher Carey started the business as an entertainment production company, while still working in mainstream media and entertainment at Viacom Networks as a reality tv field producer working on a some of the bigger brand name shows at the time. Since the creation of this business, he decided to also touch on his roots from the time when he was an elevator mechanic from 1999-2002 and start offering environmental services to many of the elevator companies in the New York Market. Since then, an entire decade of multi-streaming services has grown from this venture.

Today, Casper Enterprises continues to grow as a consulting company, and the elevator world has transformed into a new business called Vertical Environmental Solutions.

Service & Applications

  • Entertainment Consulting
  • Construction Consulting
  • Staffing & Recruitment
  • Economic Development
  • Business Start Up Development
  • Artist Management
  • Contract Managements
  • Asset Management
  • Hospitality Management & Consulting
  • And much more…